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FVAAF 2018 Schedule

FVAAF 2018 Event Calendar   January 20th, 1pm – 4pm – Discussion & Dinner   @ Appleton Public Library – Room A Dinner location TBD Discussion Topic – Social Policy; What do you want your Representatives to know? February 18th,

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2017 Events

FVAAF 2017 Event Calendar Jan 15nd 1:00 pm – Discussion Group @ Appleton Public Library (APL): “You’re a what?” – Discussing the different identifying terms used for non-believers and what they mean.  Also, “Coming out as a non-believer” – tell

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Non-Profit Meeting 2

Recap of first meeting: Our first meeting to discuss the formation of starting a non-profit brought together a lot of view points.  To start off Ty helped get everyone up to speed on some of the discussion he and I

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Draft Constitution

I’ve put up the draft of the Constitution for the non profit on Google Docs so everyone can see it and start commenting.  I’ll give more people access to edit at the meeting and show the original version that Ty

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Non-Profit Formation

To expand on the meeting scheduled I wanted to post some more thought and ideas here. One of the biggest difficulties we’ve had in the last few months is finding a place to call home.  Buying a building crossed my

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The metaphor

Dan Barker put together a great metaphor in his talk at Lawrence University last night. A guy tells to you as your walking by. Hey buddy I have great news for you.  You don’t have to go in my basement!  I

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Disproving a Belief System

I recently came across an argument on Talking Philosophy against one of the arguments Dawkin’s made in his book “The God Delusion” This is a repost of my reply: Belief systems are more or less sophisticated (which is independent of

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Semiannual Update

Hello fellow atheists, agnostics and freethinkers, It’s been a great few months and I wanted to highlight some of the things we have done and things we are planning for everyone. Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) Chapter I have been

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If atheism were true, why do cats have pretty stipes on them?

Well this astounding logic problem needs an answer!

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