• Discussion Group – A get together over coffee to discuss topics that are interesting to the group.  I try and keep these discussion fairly open so that they can go in any direction the group feel it needs to.
  • Dinner & Movie Night – A get together at someone’s place (or movie theater) and dinner.  If you would like to host Dinner and Movie night please let me know.
  • Book Group – Just like a regular book club there will be a book that is the topic for discussion during that meeting.  I will schedule these every other month or so.  If you have a book that you think is a good read please let me know.
  • Dinner Night / Weekend Breakfast – These meetings are a fun and casual way to get together.  We basically get together and do introductions and eat some good food.
  • Political Action Group – Many of our member have expressed a desire to take action and I think it’s a great idea to start looking for way that we can make an impact locally.  During this group we will make plans about what we are going to do and do them.
  • Speakers – We contact and find local speakers that our members can go see.  Also if you are aware of a speaker in the area please let me know so I can post it on our meetup (or just suggest it on our meetup and I’ll announce it).
  • Presentations – Many of our members have subjects that they are passionate about or experts on and I want to provide them with an opportunity to share there passion with us.  We also have some members who have experience teaching and speaking that I’m going to encourage to present for us as well.  I find many Atheists crave knowledge (I know I do) and many of us are well past our school days.  What better way to learn something new than by attending a lecture.
  • Conventions – On occasion our group members will attend some of the various national conventions held by the larger national organizations.  We are also working on starting our own local annual convention.

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