Non-Profit Meeting 2

Recap of first meeting:

Our first meeting to discuss the formation of starting a non-profit brought together a lot of view points.  To start off Ty helped get everyone up to speed on some of the discussion he and I had when we meet at UW Fox Valley.  We also spent some time listening to the experience some of us have had on the subject and other things as well.  Throughout the meeting we identified some key issues and things we need to decide on in order to progress.

Discussion Moderator:

At the next meeting we will have a discussion moderator, for the next one it’s going to be Jerry, if Jerry is not available I’ve ask my wife to help (she is counselor with lots of experience moderating group discussions).  As we formalize our group it’ll be important for us to establish some rules to ensure that people are being respectful of each other.  I’ve often found myself with the patience to listen when it is not constructive which is why I’m appointing someone else.  His job will be to prevent people from getting off topic and prevent people from dominating the conversation.  That being said it is a very difficult job, please be respectful to the moderator.  If you are not capable of that I’ll remove you from the conversation.

Discussion Slides:

Non-Profit Discussion 2 Slides.  Please add comments and I will make updates based on the comments.

Draft Bylaws:

Draft Bylaws.  Please add comments!

NEWF Draft Constitution – Original Draft that Ty sent me.


Bylaws Minnesota Atheists 

Seattle Atheists Constitution

SWiFT Statement of Purpose


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