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Non-Profit Meeting 2

Recap of first meeting: Our first meeting to discuss the formation of starting a non-profit brought together a lot of view points.  To start off Ty helped get everyone up to speed on some of the discussion he and I

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Non-Profit Formation

To expand on the meeting scheduled I wanted to post some more thought and ideas here. One of the biggest difficulties we’ve had in the last few months is finding a place to call home.  Buying a building crossed my

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If atheism were true, why do cats have pretty stipes on them?

Well this astounding logic problem needs an answer!

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To Draft or Not to Draft (That is the Question…)

As always during our discussion groups we got a little side tracked but as usuall it was very fruitful.  While I am not for a draft many people in the group are, which I find very interesting.   I would

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